Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it." - Isaiah 30:21

Monday, August 27, 2012


I am a woman, and I think that's pretty damn amazing.

My body grows, nourishes, and sustains life. Yet this ability has been cheapened, spun, USED, in order to win the political upper-hand. No more. I'm insulted, and I'm taking my body back.

You don't get to use me to fight your battles. You don't get to take this sacred, mysterious ability, and the complicated decisions I make to manage its potential, and reduce it to something called “reproductive rights”. You don't get to tell me that what I carried within me was nothing more than my own tissue until the last few months. My body and its capabilities, not to mention my babies, deserve more respect than that.

You do not have my permission to paint me into a woman-hating, anti-feminist corner when I say that this ability to create life should not be taken lightly.

You don't get to take the daily roles I've chosen and say they're unworthy, just because they have no comparison in the world of men. For that matter, you do not have my permission to take the most fundamental, amazing part of what makes me a woman and turn it into a euphemism for cowardice and fear, while using your own to represent boldness. Because come on guys, we all know by now that real "b****" are just not that tough, so who cares what size they are? Multi-tasking, life-giving, world-revolving “p***” is a better compliment any day.

My body matters. I matter. Rape is wrong, wrong, wrong. And when you take scenarios about rape and argue about what can and can't be done to my body after the fact, you're still just using me as a tool in your own agenda. You don't get to do that anymore.

I am pro-woman. Which is why I am pro-life.  


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  2. Very much pro-life over here too! The ability to carry and birth a child is absolutely amazing. It is an honor.

  3. I'm also pro-life.

    Forcible rape? What other kind of rape is there?

    I look forward to reading more from your blog.

  4. I am pro-life, and pro-choice. In my opinion, the two are not mutually exclusive. I am pro-life in that I believe life begins at conception, and that the final product is a living, breathing, human being. I am pro-choice in that I do not believe that the government should have the right to legislate what medical procedures I choose to have done to my body. Morally and ethically I do not believe in abortion. On the same hand, morally and ethically, I believe that it is each woman's individual decision whether to continue or terminate a pregnancy. We need to educate people, not legislate, on this issue!!!